How Kinsta Fast-Tracked Hiring with LeverTRM




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About the Company

Kinsta offers premium managed hosting for companies that crave top performance and expert support.


Amid massive business growth, Kinsta needed to scale up its team alongside its ever-growing list of customers. Kinsta required a hiring solution to enable team efficiency and empower collaboration at scale. But Workable—their ATS solution at the time—wasn’t keeping pace with their growth. The biggest motivator behind the switch is Lever’s ability to scale alongside Kinsta.


LeverTRM streamlines the hiring pipeline for interviewers and hiring managers. LeverTRM’s greatest differentiator is the robust, built-in reporting capabilities, which have enabled Kinsta to build up its underlying strategies. Pre-LeverTRM, receiving a referral was a manual process, and it was largely handled outside of the system, but LeverTRM makes it easy to manage in one place.


LeverTRM continues to help Kinsta successfully scale up its hiring processes. Since implementation, they’ve hired over 140 new employees in 2 years, growing their team by 118%. Kinsta upgraded to LeverTRM for Enterprise. They’re currently rolling out the use of Advanced NurtureAdvanced Automation, and Advanced HR to automate recruiting and hiring processes.

LeverTRM is one of our main platforms we use in talent acquisition. Anything that concerns a candidate that applies to a Kinsta position—we handle it in LeverTRM.

Zsófia Hidas,

Talent Acquisition Team Lead, Kinsta

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