Lever empowers Wefunder to move a higher volume of applicants through the pipeline with fewer touchpoints.






San Francisco, CA




Mid Market

About the Company

Wefunder is a Community Round service that connects start-ups with investors online. For as little as $100, everyone can invest in the startups they love.


  • Filling the hiring pipeline at a rate that scales with growth
  • Streamlining the process for hiring managers and recruiters
  • Finding a user-friendly ATS


  • LeverTRM is intuitive for hiring teams and recruiters
  • User-friendly UI streamlines candidate sourcing and hiring
  • At-a-glance insights enable fast action on hundreds of candidates simultaneously


  • 10x more candidates in the hiring pipeline
  • Engineering team size grew by 50% in 6 months
  • Full-time staff increased by 150% in 1.5 years

Lever empowers Wefunder to move a higher volume of applicants through the pipeline with fewer touchpoints.

Leveraging Lever has enabled Talend to transform the recruitment process top-to-bottom. Benefits include:

Start-to-finish recruiting insights in a single pane of glass

LeverTRM turns hiring from a transactional process into a dialog. It combines ATS and CRM (candidate relationship management) in one powerful solution to unify recruiters and hiring teams with a single source of truth.

Reviewing hundreds of candidates every week

Before Lever, Wefunder had 1 person on their team sourcing candidates. That person spent at least a quarter of their week reviewing people for engineering positions. In any given week, they might funnel 10 candidates into the pipeline.

After Lever, candidate volume increased more than 10X.

We hired a number of mid- to senior-level engineers. We basically grew our engineering team by 50% in 6 months. I don’t think we could have done it at the pace we did without Lever.”

Suzanna Rush,

VP Operations, Wefunder

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