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15Five is a lightweight feedback system that makes continuous employee feedback simple, so companies can drive high performing cultures and move their businesses forward.


Software company 15Five is on a mission to help employers create the space for people to be and become their best selves. Their tools drive performance and engagement through innovative weekly check-ins, best-self reviews, OKR tracking, 1:1 meeting agendas, and peer recognition with high fives.

After making Inc.’s “Best Places to Work” list in 2019, the company experienced a period of explosive growth that pushed its siloed workflows to the limit. After hiring 100 employees in just eight months, the company realized both hiring managers and people operations needed an applicant tracking system that could streamline its processes.


With a talent team of just three people, VP of People Operations Heidi Collins knew she needed a system that could amplify her people’s hours by automating repetitive tasks and providing a stellar candidate experience.

15Five chose Lever for its balance of intuitive user interface and key features, including feedback collection tools, email templates, and interview documentation.

The company currently has 30 open roles, 2,900 candidates in its talent pipeline, and 200 candidates interviewing. 


15Five has used Lever to empower its hiring managers with a more equitable hiring process. Time-to-hire is shorter, while candidate sentiment has increased, thanks to a simpler feedback process that has closed the loop.

  • BOOST PRODUCTIVITY of the talent team by doing more in less time
  • HIT MILESTONE of 88% positive reviews on Glassdoor via better candidate experience
  • 90% ADOPTION across hiring managers, HR team, and interviewers
“Lever allows us to create a more human candidate experience, which is very aligned with 15Five’s core values. We use a lot of recruiting tools, but we can’t live without Lever.”

Heidi Collins,

VP of People Operations

15Five Enables Fair Hiring Practices with 90% Interview Feedback Rate

Enable a consistent and fair hiring process

Before Lever, hiring managers didn’t have documented interview questions and feedback was spotty. Now, interviewers know which questions to ask and are prompted to provide feedback post-interview, helping Collins and her team track for fairness across hiring decisions.

Close the feedback loop to improve the candidate experience and employer brand

15Five uses Lever’s email templates to quickly follow up with applicants who aren’t hired. And candidates have taken notice, reaching out to thank them for their feedback. Says Collins, “Those are the people who will come back and refer others in their networks for our roles.”

Improve time-to-hire by automating workflows

Whether interview scheduling, feedback collection, or candidate follow up, 15Five has been delighted by Lever’s intuitive features that help speed up each stage of the hiring pipeline.

“It can be a challenge to get people to submit thorough and thoughtful feedback. Lever is so intuitive and simplifies the feedback process for our team.”

– Heidi Collins, VP of People Operations

15Five has over twenty high-level open roles as they head into 2020. They’re looking forward to ramping up hiring and continuing to see great feedback from interviewers in the coming years.

“There’s no way our team of three could manage that without a platform like Lever”

Heidi Collins,

VP of People Operations

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